Frequently Asked Questions

Stuff People Want to Know

Do you only work with startups and new companies or can you help older, more established businesses as well?

We work with any brand, any age. We don't care if you have been in business a decade or if you just want to talk through a new concept. We are equipped to help you every step of the way.

What is the The Unicorn Agency client onboarding process?

Like all great relationships, it begins with a coffee. We being with a chat to assess where you are & what your needs are, both short & long-term. When we choose to move forward, we will go over your contract & define specific roles & respobsibilites.

What other services does The Unicorn Agency provide?

If it helps you communicate with your potential & current clients, we do it! Truly. Need a flyer? We do it. Need a menu designed? Got it. Need a Google AdWords campaign? We got it. Want to create an email path for your customers? Let's do it. If we can't do it, we are happy to refer you to one of the amazing professionals in our network to help you.